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Tailored software development

Consulting and development for your digital success

Adapt your software to your company, not the other way round! We implement your software projects and give you more room for the essentials.

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Tailored software development

We are your reliable partner for software development. Optimize your business processes with the help of desktop and Web applications, mobile apps and online portals and create space for your visions.

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We develop a technical e-commerce concept for you that is precisely adapted to your products and services. Sell even complex products online with ease.

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Artificial intelligence

AI is the technological “game changer” that will give your company a significant competitive advantage. Transform your business with AI solutions developed by ConSys!

“We are very satisfied with the software ConSys developed for our company. They walked with us through every step of the development stage and are a trusted partner of our company to this day.”

Bernhard Schrittwieser - phameo

“The software ConSys developed helped us automate a labor-intensive process. ConSys did a very professional job.”

Manuel Stocker - M. Stocker GmbH

Our offer – customized software development

ConSys supports your company in optimising and automating your business processes. We develop our software interactively and together with you! You will be involved in the project development and can always contribute. Our software developers are experts in their field and bring you forward!


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Our e-commerce offer

Based on the open source e-commerce software nopCommerce, we can offer you an e-commerce solution that can do more:

  • Your own domain with SSL certificate, including business mail address with shop domain
  • Your own design theme
  • Filling the online shop with up to XY items
  • Multilingual shop possible
  • Your own undivided server for shops with up to 100,000 items
  • Automated payment systems
  • Automatic backups
  • Two-hour remote training directly from one of our developers
  • Technical support

You have to sell your products and we will take care of the rest.
Costs: from €3,000, — excl. VAT

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Artificial intelligence

  • Classification of images:
    when classifying images, the AI, with the help of neural networks, can recognize what is depicted in an image and assign it to a category.
  • Object detection
    the artificial intelligence independently recognizes whether searched objects are located on video footage. With the help of this technology, for example, people or vehicles can be recognized and tracked on a video.
  • OCR Text recognition
    OCR text recognition makes it easy to digitize text from scanned documents, for example, and to enter information from these texts into your databases.
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)
    NLP enables communication between humans and machines on the basis of natural language. Possible applications of this technology include chatbots, translation programs or the creation of meaningful summaries of longer texts.
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